TTL was retained by Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas, Inc. (TMMTX), to conduct ground water monitoring activities at the Toyota Motor Plant located in southern Bexar County, TX. In 2013, TTL designed the ground water monitoring network and managed the installation of seven ground water monitoring wells located along the perimeter of the site. The purpose of ground water monitoring wells was to sample and monitor the ground water for potential contaminants from on-site facility operations. Prior to installation of the monitor wells, soil borings were advanced at the well locations utilizing a truck-mounted drilling rig. The borings were advanced utilizing hollow-stem augers and/or air rotary drilling techniques until the selected depths up to 90 feet below ground surface were achieved. During drilling, a TTL geologist was on-site to identify and classify the cuttings and samples retrieved from each boring. After reaching the bottom depth of the borings, the monitoring wells were installed. Each of the wells were developed to ensure a proper hydraulic connection between the well and the geologic materials in the vicinity of the well to ensure that groundwater samples that are obtained assimilate in situ conditions.