The City of Northport is planning its future as a regional entertainment and recreation destination.

As developed by TTL, master plans for two new outdoor activity centers – the Adventure Park Recreational Facility and the Kentuck Sports and Festival Complex – have been approved by the Northport City Council.

The improvements outlined in these plans will bring new amenities and enhanced benefits to the whole community. Prepared for locals and visitors alike, the features will provide new places for youth to play, students to learn, and residents to recreate.

“We are honored to have been chosen to help shape the future of Northport,” said TTL Vice President Franklin E. Summers III. “We worked diligently to bring the city’s vision closer to a reality with these master plans and can’t wait to see how they educate, entertain, and benefit children of all ages.”

Accommodations are built in for the popular Kentuck Festival of the Arts with new and dedicated spaces and facilities for the hundreds of artists, vendors, and patrons that attend each year.

And for those looking to take a stroll or gather with friends, these plans have something for them, too.

Details of the plans include:

Kentuck Sports and Festival Complex

  • Kentuck Festival of the Arts – Dedicated areas for the annual event will transition into nearby tree areas to allow for natural shade while maintaining the spirit and atmosphere of the festival.
  • Warrior Park – Six field dedicated for local/community baseball and softball
  • Tournament Park – A nine-field complex – five with 225-foot fence distances and four with fence distances exceeding 300’ fields — designed to host or support travel softball and baseball tournaments.
  • Pickle Ball Center – This area will hold a minimum of 24 courts and have capacity for national tournaments.
  • Walking and hiking trails, at a minimum of 10 feet wide, made of asphalt, concrete, or compacted stone, to interconnect all parts of the complex and the existing Van de Graff Park and Farmers Market, meaning pedestrians never have to cross a roadway
  • Assortment of pavilions of all sizes for public use and events. Some will feature fire pits, restrooms, river views, and tailgating space.

Adventure Park Recreational Facility

  • Recreational trails for walking and hiking
  • Dedicated areas for extreme or casual mountain biking
  • Lodge for corporate and youth team building opportunities through a ropes course, zip lines, a manmade lake, and other amenities
  • Road and trail network capable of supporting seasonal activities
  • Pavilions with fire pits for lease or event usage

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