Corporate Business Development Leader

Barry uses his 33 years of experience in construction materials, geotechnical, civil planning, environmental due diligence/hazardous materials assessment remediation, and project management to provide an understanding of the Client’s project needs to develop a complete phased project approach to meet the Client’s project needs. His duties have included project management, construction site management, engineering staff management, construction site safety management, site inspections, client management, civil services, environmental compliance/assessment, and remediation.

Name one bucket list item: I would love to sail the Pacific Polynesian Islands.
Name one rewarding/proud moment in your career so far:  One moment has been managing the geotechnical, construction materials including soil, concrete, metals, coatings for a $2.5 billion construction project. 
Any person alive or dead you would want to meet and why:  I want to meet Abraham Lincoln. I have always enjoyed learning about his life journey and respected his ability to stand tall, without waiver, for humanity and the freedoms that everyone is entitled to. 
Why you do what you do:  I have always enjoyed helping and meeting people. The consulting career has always enabled me to help people meet their project goals while developing friendships along the way.