Corporate Business Development Manager

Heather has been at TTL for over a decade. As Corporate Training Director, she is responsible for the direction and supervision of our company training program. From meeting with managers to determine training needs for our team members to tracking /reporting specific certifications of our team, she strives to help TTL provide the best training opportunities to further develop our team members’ professional and personal growth.

Name one bucket list item:
I would love to learn to play a musical instrument like the guitar or mandolin.

Name one rewarding/proud moment in your career so far:
It’s always great when you get to be part of a team win. There are many team wins that I’ve been allowed to be a part of throughout the years, and it would be hard to select one of those moments.

Any person alive or dead you would want to meet and why:
This is a tough one to narrow down to any one person. There are so many biblical figures I would love to meet. The first that come to mind are Jesus, the disciples, Moses (and his mother), and David (as a child and as an adult).

Why you do what you do:
It’s rewarding to me to be able to help others and I enjoy the people I get to work with. My job allows me to work with team members across the company in every office. I get to help others in their career learning path, I get to be creative, I get to troubleshoot problems, and the best thing is, no two days are alike.