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Humphreys County Bridge Replacements

The scope involved the assessment and restoration of 45 bridges affected by the 2021 floods in Humphreys County. Each bridge required individual evaluation and remediation due to varying degrees of damage. These structures range from minor spans to significant bridges, including a crucial route over Duck River.


The floods in Humphreys County caused widespread destruction to infrastructure, with more than 45 bridges sustaining damage. The county established overarching contracts to manage the restoration efforts, bundling up to five bridges per contract. The project's challenges were managing the repair and replacement of multiple bridges simultaneously while maintaining sufficient resources for the predominantly rural locations.


 TTL has taken on the management of five bridge projects, actively providing services for three. We have allocated dedicated full-time personnel for the duration of these projects, with up to two staff members assigned exclusively to each bridge. Our commitment as a partner to both the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) and the local communities is evident, as these bridges are vital for safe and functional transportation.

Our dedicated resources enable TTL staff to be present on site for all construction activities, ensuring constant oversight throughout each bridge project. By continuously managing and observing the contractors' work, we aim to keep the projects on schedule. Our goal is to deliver each bridge back to the community as swiftly and safely as possible.


Waverly, TN / Humphries County


Tennessee Department of Transportation


Tennessee Department of Transportation



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