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International Blvd Extension (Ph 1) & Exit 8 Roadway (Ph 2- South),

This project was a milestone for the TTL team and County, who collaborated to initiate the development of 800 acres of prime industrial land. The project aimed to provide supporting infrastructure, access, and utilities for sites that could attract large-scale industrial investors. By extending International Boulevard, the project also enhanced the connectivity and economic potential of the area, creating more opportunities for growth.


TTL professionals played a key role in the County's innovative project to develop an industrial park. They designed and implemented the infrastructure solutions for stormwater and drainage, wetlands mitigation, and utilities extension. They also coordinated the expansion of International Boulevard, the main access road to the park. The project had two phases: the first one dealt with stormwater and karst issues, and the second one addressed wetlands challenges and their impact on the schedule.


Working in tandem with City, Industrial Development Board, County, and State representatives throughout the project involved continual communication, especially during wetlands mitigation, as International Boulevard traveled directly through the middle of the industrial park. While the mitigation efforts did impact the schedule, TTL employed project recovery tools to regain momentum. All utilities including water, gas, and sewer were extended along both International Boulevard and South Road, the main arteries in the area. The industrial park is now ready to welcome new businesses and ventures that will benefit from the infrastructure and location.


Clarksville, TN


Clarksville Montgomery County Industrial Development Board


Clarksville Montgomery County Industrial Development Board / City of Clarksville for Southern


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