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Northpoint Intermediate School

To accommodate growth in the local area, a new, single-story intermediate school was built on a 122-acre tract to expand the existing educational campus that included an elementary and high school.


The addition of Northport Intermediate School introduced complexities in managing the increased traffic due to a larger student body, affecting both on-campus mobility and traffic in neighboring areas. Additionally, the site presented geotechnical challenges with soft soils that necessitated modifications to the site's grading and drainage plans.


To improve the flow of traffic to the expanding campus, TTL took a comprehensive approach to redesigning the road network. This involved adding more lanes, reconfiguring roads for drop-off and pick-up activities, and converting certain routes to one-way traffic. Additionally, we enhanced a half-mile access road leading to the campus to facilitate smoother ingress and egress. Geotechnically, to address the issue of soft soils, TTL’s solution involved adjusting the elevation of the site's development by removing the problematic soil and restructuring the ground to provide a solid foundation for the new school's construction. Not only did this solution succeed as planned, it also minimized the overall cost of the project.


Northport, AL


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