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ARCO/Murray Industrial Projects

Over the past five years, we have been engaged in more than 30 industrial projects for ARCO/Murray spanning multiple service lines. These include spec warehouses and related facilities with projects ranging in size from 100,000 square feet to 850,000 square feet and primarily serving as distribution centers for retail and commercial ventures. Our role has grown to include various locations as we initially were contracted to focus on Tennessee but have now expanded into Northern Alabama and other regions. 


One of the primary challenges in our collaboration with ARCO/Murray has been addressing unique geotechnical issues, particularly in areas prone to karst features. Additionally, ARCO/Murray faced hurdles when other testing firms failed to keep up with their aggressive construction schedules, demanding rapid response time, 24/7 availability, precise testing, and quick turnaround times on deliverables. Another significant challenge was navigating the complexities of civil site design and permitting in new ["Municipal"]ities as the client expanded into new areas.


Our firm has become an ARCO/Murray preferred provider for geotechnical engineering, construction materials engineering and testing, and surveying, largely due to our track record in addressing and solving these specific challenges. We have offered cost-effective solutions, exemplified by our initial project with ARCO/Murray where we provided geotechnical recommendations and construction materials engineering and testing to successfully stabilize a soil subgrade causing issues prior to our involvement. Regarding construction materials engineering and testing, we addressed the need for availability and prompt results by dedicating a qualified team specifically to ARCO/Murray projects.

In surveying, we frequently perform quality checks on work done by others to maintain accuracy and adherence to plans. Our civil engineering services have been instrumental in assisting the client with expansions into new areas like Lebanon and the Mt. Juliet corridor of Tennessee, and we have leveraged our strong relationships and deep understanding of local permitting processes to facilitate smooth design and approval phases.

Our ability to meet these diverse and complex challenges head-on not only underlines our technical expertise but also our commitment to adaptability and client-focused solutions. This project series with ARCO/Murray showcases our capability to deliver comprehensive, timely, and efficient services in the face of evolving industrial and geographical demands.


Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, Nashville, Spring Hill, Murfressboro, TN







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