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Creative solutions for resilient spaces.

At TTL, our history of successful projects within this market gives us the experience to comprehend and effectively address the complexities this sector demands.


From master planning large-scale developments to creating retail, office, mixed-use/commercial, and residential space plans, TTL helps our clients stimulate economic growth.


TTL collaborates closely with local industrial development groups to act as a trusted advisor, conducting due diligence tasks and preliminary engineering for available sites.


With expertise in the development of hospitals, medical office buildings, educational facilities, and childcare centers across the Southeastern US, we take great care to consider the intricate details involved in creating these immersive environments.


TTL’s partnerships with city, county, and state leaders allow us to fulfill expectations and take projects from concept and planning all the way to completion.


Our team’s DOT experience enhances our understanding of the regulatory process which, in turn, helps us build mutually beneficial relationships with regional, state, and federal entities.


From source to discharge, we manage it all. TTL provides integrated solutions for all your water resource needs.

Water Resources

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