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F&M Bank Arena

The F&M Bank Arena project was a visionary initiative aimed at revitalizing downtown Clarksville. This multi-purpose venue serves as a dynamic space for various events and includes a dedicated training facility for the Austin Peay State University men's and women's basketball teams. The arena's presence has catalyzed further development in the area, leading to several mixed-use projects and an array of retail, restaurant, and entertainment venues.


One of the most significant challenges in developing the arena was its location on a city block with considerable topographical variation. The site exhibited a 70-foot vertical fall from the northeast corner to the southwest corner. This necessitated a complex design strategy to construct a large structure spanning three different levels, all while maintaining full accessibility and adherence to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.


As the engineer of record, we understood the arena's development was central to the vision for rejuvenating the downtown area and creating a vibrant, attractive destination for both locals and visitors. For this, we took a multi-disciplined approach that heavily involved our civil engineering, construction materials testing, and surveying services groups.

The ADA compliance challenges were addressed by incorporating various accessibility features – standard ramps, switch-back ramps, and handrails – that were designed to facilitate the safe, efficient, and rapid movement of large numbers of people.

And given the slopes and unique topography of the site, our professionals carefully redesigned every corner, curb, and sidewalk within the project's scope. Each element was considered vital to providing safe and efficient pedestrian traffic flow while complying with ADA standards. The successful completion of the F&M Bank Arena stands as a testament to our ability to rely on our extensive, in-house suite of civil engineering services to overcome complex architectural and engineering challenges. The project not only revitalized the urban landscape, it also established a functional and inclusive space that serves as a hub for sports, entertainment, and community engagement.


Clarksville, TN


Montgomery County


Montgomery County



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