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Hankook Tire Plant Phases I & II

The project entailed a multi-phased greenfield redevelopment on a 500-acre site that was initially graded in 2013. The development included two substantial phases: the first involving the construction of a 1 million-square-foot building and the second, a 1.7 million-square-foot building. Beyond these structures, the project scope encompassed extensive infrastructure development, building improvements, a training center, parking expansion, a fire tank, a process water tank, and a second-story addition.


The Hankook Tire facility project's vast scale presented numerous challenges. One of the primary complexities was the extensive earthwork required for the 500-acre site. The existing railroad infrastructure imposed constraints on the site's elevation, which needed to align with the rail tracks to maintain service to the industrial area. Additionally, the site's geology, featuring on-site sinkholes draining into injection wells, necessitated the construction of retention basins to manage the substantial volume of impervious runoff. An accelerated project timeline further compounded these challenges.


Supported by a $100 million grant from the state of Tennessee, TTL assumed the role of program manager for the various components of this expansive project. The grading phase alone involved moving and grading more than 4.5 million yards of dirt. The need for a rapid turnaround on the Phase I building, driven by the manufacturer's urgency to commence operations and generate revenue, led to one of the fastest-paced projects in TTL's history. Our team not only met but excelled under the client's aggressive schedule, delivering the project on time.

In addition to multi-disciplined work provided by civil engineering, construction materials testing, and surveying services groups during the construction phases, our ongoing responsibilities included regular environmental oversight, such as monthly wastewater inspections and bi-weekly stormwater inspections. This comprehensive management approach underscores our ability to meet ambitious project timelines through our in-house suite of civil engineering services while maintaining environmental compliance and sustainability in large-scale industrial developments.


Clarksville, TN


Hankook Tire


Hankook Tire



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