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I-20/59 Interstate Widening

The project involved a significant 3.8-mile widening of Interstate 59 along with the replacement of decks on both the northbound and southbound bridges at Edwards Lake Parkway. This expansion was required to enhance the capacity and efficiency of the interstate corridor.


An initial challenge in the I-59 interstate widening project involved the expected issues when expanding an interstate highway from four lanes to six lanes. A secondary challenge emerged during the bid phase. Although the design was complete and an alternate bid package was prepared offering options for both asphalt and concrete, the project encountered funding obstacles because the concrete industry did not participate in the bidding process and the asphalt portion exceeded the budget.


 To overcome this challenge, the TTL team initiated a process of revising the plans to reduce costs for interstate widening. This revision included specifying a different material build-up and implementing a modified traffic control plan to align with the new construction approach. Additionally, concerns about potential subsurface water intrusion due to existing underdrains in part of the area were addressed. Our design incorporated slope plans to buttress the slope and maintain the stability and integrity of the widened roadway.

This project showcases our team's flexibility and problem-solving skills in adapting to unexpected challenges, such as supply chain issues. By revising construction plans and addressing specific site concerns, we demonstrated our ability to deliver a large-scale infrastructure project effectively, even in the face of changing circumstances and constraints.


Jefferson County, AL


Alabama Department of Transportation


Alabama Department of Transportation



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