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Kohl's at Hampton Plaza

This project included the redevelopment of a 7.5-acre shopping plaza and the construction of a new Kohl's retail store as an anchor tenant. The initiative aimed to revitalize the existing retail space and transform it into a modern shopping destination.


The redevelopment process presented several challenges. It required a comprehensive approach to address parking, utilities, and storm drainage while maintaining compliance with current codes and regulations. Additionally, TTL was tasked with resolving accessibility issues and establishing designated areas for offloading, all while accommodating the needs of the plaza's new anchor tenant.


 Our approach involved a thorough evaluation of the existing infrastructure. We focused on integrating old systems with new ones wherever feasible to enhance functionality while complying with updated standards. The TTL team employed creative planning to manage heavy truck and delivery traffic by directing it to the rear of the center. This strategy allowed for discreet and safe offloading operations, minimizing disruption to the shopping plaza's daily activities.

Ongoing work on this project includes conducting annual financial surveys, a requirement stemming from changing ownership of the plaza. These surveys are crucial in providing updated financial insights and supporting the continued development and management of the retail space.

The successful redevelopment of this shopping plaza showcases our team's ability to effectively address a range of urban planning challenges, such as infrastructure upgrades and traffic management. Our commitment to creative and practical solutions has played a significant role in transforming this space into a vibrant and functional retail destination.


Clarksville, TN


Eden's and Advant


Edens Realty Group



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