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Madison Station Roadway Reconstruction & Complete Streets

TTL provided design and surveying services for a half-mile stretch of roadway redesign, aligning with the Complete and Green Streets initiative. This involved close coordination with the standards of both the Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County (Metro) and the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) as well as managing significant community engagement.


With plans in the making for nearly two decades, the Madison Station Reconstruction and Complete Streets project has been a significant focus for both NDOT and Metro. Despite the existing infrastructure posing significant challenges, with issues ranging from damaged downstream infrastructure and traffic congestion to enhancing overall mobility in the region, our task was to revive the area into a lively destination.


We began with organizing public meetings to gather valuable feedback from residents and businesses. Based on this input, the project introduced pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, improved lighting, effective drainage, clear signage, and attractive landscaping. We went beyond the basic requirements and designed an underground water detention system to help prevent flooding, and the addition of a roundabout improved connections between key community spaces and contributed to the area’s vibrancy. The project has already sparked private investment and promises further development, demonstrating its potential as a model for future Complete Streets projects within the city in reflecting both community input and NDOT’s vision.

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Nashville, TN


Nashville Department of Transportation (NDOT)


Nashville Department of Transportation (NDOT)


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