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San Antonio Young Women's Leadership Academy

The project involved extensive renovations to a historic building located on the campus of the Young Women’s Leadership Academy (YWLA) in San Antonio, Texas. YWLA was the first public all-girls school in the city and is recognized nationally for its excellence.


The renovation required detailed surveying and environmental services be conducted in this historic building without damaging the integrity of this legendary structure. This project landed squarely in the limelight, thanks to the school's elite status among the top 1% in the country. Key challenges included documenting the existing conditions within a historically significant structure, sourcing materials compatible with the historic fabric, integrating needed (new) improvements, and planning construction efforts to minimize educational disruptions. Preserving the past while maintaining the project schedule and safety of students and construction crews was of great importance.


Upon discovering asbestos in several areas of the school, TTL’s Texas-licensed asbestos inspector guided the San Antonio Independent School District towards safe renovation practices that minimized impact to the historical structure. The TTL survey team performed a topographic survey to document the site’s current conditions and boundaries and TTL’s geotechnical team performed 50-foot borings to aid the structural design of the new foundations and pavements. All these efforts occurred while classes were ongoing, necessitating discreet operations to avoid educational disturbances.

Efficiency in geotechnical sampling was achieved with TTL’s in-house drilling rigs and laboratory testing in San Antonio. The soil sample analysis led to tailored structural recommendations for the renovations. TTL’s adherence to YWLA’s accountability measures, such as check-in/check-out procedures and constant communication with the vice principal, demonstrated a respectful and vigilant approach to working in an active school environment. Despite scheduling challenges due to the school's operational constraints, TTL’s staff completed the task with diligence and adherence to the school's policies.

This careful coordination and adaptation to the school's schedule and environment underscore TTL’s commitment to delivering high-quality services without compromising the safety and function of educational institutions during significant renovation projects.


San Antonio, TX


San Antonio Independent School District


San Antonio Independent School District



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