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Surveying, GIS, & Mapping

TTL strives to be a good partner with our clients before they even break ground. We offer clients comprehensive survey and GIS capabilities including commercial/industrial site selection, demographic studies, general mapping, and a variety of other surveys and evaluations that provide our clients with base data for their projects. TTL offers UAS (Drone) capable LiDAR (light detection and ranging) remote scanning services. Utilizing a DJI Matrice M300 RTK UAS vehicle, equipped with the GeoCue True View 515 3D Imaging system, TTL can 3D scan large projects, up to 400 acres per day, without battery recharging. The True View LiDAR and Camera system is capable of scanning and mapping projects of all types and sizes, both in the open and through vegetation, and achieving precision better than 5 cm. Paired with the True View EVO software, TTL can convert the raw LiDAR data and photogrammetry to produce colorized and georeferenced 3D point clouds, 3D elevation models, and highly accurate aerial photography orthomosaics. Once processed, we can create 3D models for use in design in both AutoCAD and MicroStation, and generate accurate contour maps of the project.



  • Horizontal and vertical control surveys 

  • Topographic mapping Static and real time GPS 

  • Planimetric surveys ALTA/title surveys 

  • Hydrographic surveys

  • Centerline and route surveys 

  • Hazardous waste site surveys 

  • Utility surveys and mapping 

  • Quarry/surface mine mapping 

  • Quantity surveys 

  • As-built/construction record 

  • Boundary surveys Construction layout & staking 

  • Easement and right-of-way surveys 

  • Forensic data collection

  • LiDAR mapping collection and validation

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