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Transportation Design & CEI

TTL’s team of transportation design and construction inspection experts have a deep understanding of the intricate connections between the highways, roadways, bridges, hike and bike trails, mass transit, and greenways that make up our extensive transportation infrastructure network. We find a balance between the critical factors that influence complex transportation challenges, continually considering the impacts of mobility, safety, accessibility, efficiency, regulatory compliance, and the environment. Whether expanding federal highways, designing local roadways, developing multi-modal models that reduce congestion, analyzing traffic patterns to enhance safety, or rebuilding a bridge, our solutions are always developed with the end goal in mind. Our team offers customized solutions to effectively address client challenges – from securing and managing local and federal funding to solving intricate technical challenges.



  • Highway and Street Design

  • Construction Engineering Inspection

  • Bridge Inspections

  • Traffic Studies and Planning

  • Streetscape Planning and Design

  • Maintenance Programming

  • Corridor and Feasibility Studies

  • Hydraulic Design / Drainage Studies

  • Agency Consulting

  • Quality Control Reviews

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