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Industrial development plays a crucial role in driving economic growth and creating opportunities. TTL collaborates closely with local industrial development groups to act as a trusted advisor, conducting due diligence tasks and preliminary engineering for available sites. We assist our industrial clients in finding and developing sites that meet adaptability, access to human and natural resources, site accessibility, and incentive opportunity requirements. Our range of comprehensive integrated services facilitates the successful establishment of a functional and productive operation and assists with long-term, facility-related needs. Whether it’s designing a new structure, modifying an existing building, or expanding site operations, we take a solutions-oriented approach to deliver high-quality projects while prioritizing our client's interests. And as long-term partners, we will leverage our expertise, relationships, and knowledge to provide lasting value.


  • Automotive

  • Aerospace

  • Aviation

  • Defense

  • Warehouse

  • Distribution

  • Facilities

  • Data centers

  • Mining + refining, manufacturing

  • Chemical plants

  • Pulp + paper + wood products

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