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TTL’s mutually beneficial partnerships with city, county, and state leaders allow us to understand their expectations, preferred way of working, and how we can assist them in taking a project from concept and planning to completion. Whether projects involve building new water and sewer infrastructure, creating parks and recreational spaces, developing transportation infrastructure, or preparing for industrial development that boosts the economy, we believe in engineering solutions that support the communities in which we serve and thrive. We are mindful of the value of public funds and, when applicable, regularly guide our clients through the funding process to help them secure and administer these funds. Choose TTL as your trusted partner and you'll not only benefit from our extensive experience, you’ll also gain a partner deeply rooted in trust, collaboration, and a shared vision for progress for your community.


  • Program management

  • Streets and transportation

  • Landfills

  • Water + wastewater

  • Parks + rec

  • Municipal facilities

  • Utilities

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