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TTL’s team brings together expertise, experience, and a strong track record of delivering a wide range of transportation projects to meet today’s demands. Our team of talented designers and construction engineering staff, complemented by professionals with extensive Department of Transportation (DOT) experience, enhances our understanding of the regulatory process and helps us build mutually beneficial relationships with regional, state, and federal entities. This expertise not only saves our clients and the public time and money, but also facilitates communication, cost control, and effective collaboration. Our reputation – built over time – combined with the exceptional knowledge and reach of our key personnel allows us to fulfill our commitment to deliver well designed and constructed transportation infrastructure for the future. With TTL by your side, you're not just addressing transportation needs, you're shaping the future of mobility for generations to come.


  • Highway and street design

  • Construction engineering inspection

  • Bridge inspections

  • Traffic studies and planning

  • Streetscape planning and design

  • Maintenance programming

  • Corridor and feasibility studies

  • Hydraulic design / drainage studies

  • Agency consulting

  • Quality control reviews

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