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Auburn University Rane Culinary Science Center

This project includes the construction of an eight-story, 130,000 square foot building with an adjacent single-story food hall. A notable feature of the building is a basement-level sub-drain system designed for the collection and removal of groundwater seepage. The facility provides students with an immersive, hands-on educational experience in hospitality and food services, offering a real-world perspective within an academic setting. 


The Rane Culinary Science Center's construction involved a basement level below the water table, necessitating significant excavation efforts. Challenges included the installation of 175 drilled shaft deep foundations with the depth to rock ranging from 20 to 48 feet below the floor level, making the foundation construction particularly complex.


To manage the extensive excavation and the groundwater issue, a sophisticated active dewatering system was put into place. This system consisted of underdrains and a pumping system designed to handle the continuous water flow. Additionally, the inclusion of a basement-level sub-drain provided a means to effectively collect and channel away groundwater to maintain structural stability and the integrity of the facility's lower level. 


Auburn, AL


Auburn University


Auburn University



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