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Austin Square Shopping Center

The project involved the development of a 45-acre property situated on an existing two-lane road in a semi-rural area. The development aimed to connect to a new retail hub and freeway and was constructed over a period of more than 20 years, which allowed for gradual build-out as new tenants joined the shopping center. 


The long-term nature of the Austin Square Shopping Center's development presented unique challenges. Over the span of two decades, construction had to adapt to evolving building codes and regulations, which affected both the existing structures and the plans for future development. Specifically, changes in site review codes in 2005 introduced new requirements for ADA compliance, parking space dimensions, and drainage systems. 


Drawing on our extensive experience and a deep understanding of the changing regulatory landscape, TTL orchestrated the development plan for the Austin Square Shopping Center. The team addressed the new drainage codes by designing a system that allowed stormwater to be directed into an injection well to create an effective onsite drainage collection system. Additionally, the existing storm drainage basin was integrated into this new system to maintain compliance with stormwater regulations while incorporating previously established infrastructure. 


Clarksville, TN


TN Investment Properties


TN Investment Properties



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