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Benjamin Barnes YMCA

The project entails the construction of a new, 20,000-square-foot YMCA facility that is poised to deliver essential community services to an underserved area. The initiative also involves improving the flow of the 2-acre site, parking upgrades, and enhancing the building's accessibility. 


 The new Benjamin Barnes YMCA is anticipated to enrich the community with childcare, athletic facilities, multiple amenities, and educational programs upon its completion in 2024. The site is also home to the McDonald Hughes Community Center and basketball courts that serve as a tornado shelter, underscoring the importance of uninterrupted access and flow for pedestrians and vehicles. Key design challenges included the incorporation of new parking configurations to meet ADA standards and the careful grading of the site to harmonize the existing terrain with the new building's elevation.


The TTL design team approached the site layout with a strategy that preserves the function and flow of the existing site elements, including the community center and basketball courts. They addressed the challenge of merging current elevations with those of the new facility to maintain a seamless transition while keeping the site operational. Additionally, the team successfully upgraded parking and improved site access to achieve full ADA compliance for the entire complex. This thoughtful design approach aims to boost the community's infrastructure without disrupting the existing services that are vital to the area's residents.  


Tuscaloosa, AL


Chambless King Architect


City of Tuscaloosa



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