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Bexar County Public Works Department

TTL was tasked with the geotechnical engineering design of a new public works building to support future growth. This 35,000-square-foot facility, situated on a 3.5-acre site, includes office spaces and essential support facilities such as a large boardroom, break room, staff showers and lockers, a truck wash, and generous parking.


During construction of the new building, multiple geotechnical challenges were encountered. Chief among them was the discovery of expansive soils capable of affecting the basement, pavement, and parking areas. Post-construction, our services were required again to tackle stabilization issues with the retaining walls.


In response to the subsoil conditions, which posed a high risk of soil expansion, our team conducted a thorough geotechnical investigation that led us to design and implement a drainage mitigation strategy to safeguard the basement against moisture. This served to provide both longevity and stability for the new facility.


San Antonio, TX


Bexar County, TX


Bexar County, TX



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