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BMW of Tuscaloosa

This development covered a 5-acre site for a new BMW dealership constructed on the location of a former dealership site. The project included significant parking lot upgrades and a complete overhaul of the utility infrastructure.


The undertaking involved survey and civil site design tasks for the dealership that features a service and maintenance area along with a vehicle display showroom. A key aspect of the project was the intention to repurpose as much of the original dealership's infrastructure, including the parking facilities, as much as possible. The design also had to adhere to rigorous City of Tuscaloosa (COT) regulations concerning on-site water detention.


The TTL team's solution was a reconstruction initiative, where the new BMW of Tuscaloosa dealership emerged from the remnants of the previous property. To economize and minimize the extent of concrete demolition, the team salvaged and reconfigured large portions of the existing parking area. The team then designed an innovative detention pond system capable of dispersing stormwater in multiple directions to effectively reduce the runoff to below pre-development levels and satisfy COT permit requirements for on-site water detention.


Tuscaloosa, AL


War Construction


Townsend BMW



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