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Causeway to Sunchase

The project involved building and replacing a 1.7-mile section of a 138kV transmission line to enhance capacity and update aging infrastructure. It involved foundation design for new transmission line structures, vibration monitoring, and conducting construction materials testing. The work also included 23 exploratory borings and cone penetrometer testing (CPT) at 29 locations to inform the engineering process. 


The Causeway to Sunchase project aimed to rebuild the existing transmission line between the AEP Port Isabel Substation and the AEP Causeway Substation, crossing a section of the Gulf of Mexico. The line traversed shallow waters with soft soil and mud conditions which posed significant challenges for the foundation work. Another major challenge was positioning the new transmission line foundations amidst operational businesses without causing disruptions. 


The TTL team tackled the challenging terrain by selecting suitable foundation types for the span across the soft soil and mud in shallow waters. The connection of the new transmission poles to their foundations were meticulously planned and executed to maintain stability and longevity. To minimize the impact to nearby businesses, residences, and existing utilities, TTL closely monitored vibration levels to prevent damage during the installation of steel caisson foundations along the route. This proactive approach allowed for successful installation with minimal disruption to the surrounding area. 


Cameron County (Port Isabel and S. Padre Island), TX







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