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Charles Bell Road Widening

Our project entailed the widening of a 1.5-mile stretch of Charles Bell Road, executed in two phases of approximately 0.75 miles each. This enhancement was necessitated by the significant residential growth in the area, leading to increased roadway usage. The project was intricately coordinated with a larger, concurrent county project and requiring detailed planning and execution.


The main challenge in this undertaking was the transformation of an older county road to meet modern standards. This included improving drainage, enlarging the shoulders, and enhancing sight distance for the benefit of local businesses, their employees, and area residents. A significant aspect of this challenge was managing right-of-way (ROW) acquisitions and synchronizing work with the adjacent county project. This parallel project contributed to an influx of delivery and service trucks, as well as construction workers, all using Charles Bell Road for access, thereby complicating the logistics and execution.


To effectively achieve these goals, our multi-disciplined approach incorporated our civil engineering, design, and surveying services groups to develop a roadway that would adequately accommodate the increased vehicular demand and seamlessly integrate into the existing infrastructure.

Once the design was complete, we then turned to detailed planning and execution for the construction phasing to eliminate interference with the increased construction personnel and equipment from both projects. Maintaining site safety was paramount and involved creating an environment that was safe and functional for area residents, the workers of nearby industrial businesses, and the heightened volume of construction staff. Our approach not only facilitated the smooth progress of the project but also minimized disruption to the daily activities of the local community.

This project underscores both our ability to design safe, reliable transportation corridors and our commitment to adaptive and thoughtful project management, especially in scenarios involving multiple stakeholders and concurrent developments. The successful widening of Charles Bell Road enhanced mobility in the area and demonstrated our ability to deliver critical infrastructure improvements collaboratively and efficiently.


Mongtomery County, TN


Montgomery County Highway Dept.


Montgomery County Highway Dept.


Municipal, Transportation

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