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City of Tuscaloosa Queen City Sewer Jumper Line

This project focused on the rehabilitation of a failing trunk sewer line, a crucial sewer collector main stretching between the Bryant-Denny Stadium area and the historical structures of Queen City Avenue through the core of downtown Tuscaloosa, connecting to a previously upgraded trunk line. The upgrade was essential to replace substandard segments and augment the system to support the city's expanding infrastructure needs associated with the growth of downtown Tuscaloosa and The University of Alabama.


The primary task was to repair the aging infrastructure in the downtown core, which involved enhancing both the capacity and depth of the sewer system to accommodate urban growth. The project was particularly challenging due to the system's depth, reaching 20-30 feet in the downtown area. Additionally, executing the work in busy urban settings with heavy traffic required access to commercial and residential buildings, posing significant logistical hurdles. The scope further expanded to include surface streetscape improvements, which added layers of complexity to the ongoing work.


A phased construction approach was used to navigate these challenges, sequencing the project piece-by-piece and focusing on a three-block area at a time. This strategy allowed maintenance of other utilities during the trunk line replacement and public access to commercial and residential dwellings.

Strategic traffic management plans were also developed, temporarily closing specific roadway sections to minimize disruption. Access to local businesses and residential homes/apartments was required at all times.

The streetscape enhancements included a comprehensive overhaul of the existing street, hardscape, and landscape along one block of 8th Street. This included the installation of on-street parking, planting of trees, and laying underground conduits for future lighting. All above-ground utilities were relocated underground, extending from one right-of-way to another, to maximize the urban landscape.


Tuscaloosa, AL


City of Tuscaloosa, AL


City of Tuscaloosa, AL


Municipal, Water Resources

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