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City of Valdosta Withlacoochee Wastewater Treatment Plant

Our team was tasked with geotechnical and materials testing for various components of the City of Valdosta’s wastewater infrastructure. This included multiple sites for pump stations, lift stations, and a wastewater treatment plant, with the latter having a capacity of up to 18 million gallons-per-day (MGD). 


The Withlacoochee Wastewater Treatment Plant project, encompassing various pump and lift stations along with the treatment system, presented multiple challenges. One of the key difficulties was managing the groundwater issues encountered at pump station sites located 20-25 feet below ground. Additionally, these stations were integrated into the broader wastewater treatment system, culminating in the wastewater treatment plant. Concurrent project execution across all these sites added to the complexity – particularly at the treatment plant location, where the construction of large tanks and clarifiers was impeded by the presence of groundwater and problematic clay soil conditions.


Leveraging our extensive experience in geotechnical engineering and materials testing, especially in conditions involving clay and groundwater, our team devised tailored recommendations for each project to maintain their compatibility within the larger system. Effective communication with Parsons, the lead design firm on the project, and the City of Valdosta was key. Regular project meetings and consistent updates with the superintendents assigned to each site were vital in keeping the projects aligned, on track, and transparent to all stakeholders. 


Valdosta, GA


City of Valdosta


City of Valdosta


Municipal, Water Resources

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