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Cook County Solid Waste Landfill

The project involved the expansion of an existing landfill that spanned more than a decade and included the creation of eight new cells. This expansion was essential to accommodate the increasing volume of waste accepted at the facility. 


A critical challenge in landfill expansion was managing the construction of new cells, which are individual units within the landfill. As they accumulate waste, they begin to resemble miniature mountains, and require careful preparation for their expansion. One of the main obstacles was sourcing suitable materials for lining the cells and efficiently scheduling permeability testing. This testing needed to be conducted without disrupting the contractor’s progress. 


To address the need for additional waste capacity, the landfill was expanded by constructing new cells adjacent to the existing ones. These new cells, essentially large pits, required lining with clay and a High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) liner. Our team at TTL played a pivotal role in maintaining the quality of these materials and their installation. The clay, selected by the general contractor, underwent rigorous testing by the TTL team to determine compliance and certification.  Our proactive approach in managing the testing process included overseeing sample collection, coordinating with laboratories, and facilitating timely test results. This was critical to maintain the project schedule and momentum. Furthermore, the installation of the HDPE liner, a task requiring specialized contractor installers, was closely monitored by TTL. This was done to make sure the liner met specified standards and to thoroughly test the seams to prevent potential holes or penetrations.

Our involvement in this landfill expansion project highlights our commitment to delivering environmentally sound and technically proficient solutions. Our ability to manage complex testing procedures and adhere to stringent quality standards underlines our expertise in handling large-scale environmental projects.


Adel, GA


Cook Co. Board of Commissioners


Cook Co. Board of Commissioners



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