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East Levee Switch to Industrial Boulevard Switch 138kV Line

The project involved replacing a 3-mile stretch of 138kV transmission line. This replacement required extensive coordination with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and other stakeholders due to its complex location and the critical nature of the infrastructure. 


The project was complicated by the transmission line's pathway, which ran atop the East Levee and crossed the Trinity River. The location presented significant challenges, including the need for numerous approvals from the City of Dallas and the USACE. Additionally, the levee's sloped structure required careful consideration in the planning and execution of the project.


To navigate the complexities of this project, the TTL team coordinated with various stakeholders, including the City of Dallas and the USACE, so that the ongoing stability and integrity of the levee was maintained. The team's effort focused on obtaining the necessary access and final design approvals, which required excellent communication and management skills. Special equipment also was used for construction on the sloped surfaces of the levee and for executing precision drilling into the levee structure to secure the new transmission line's foundation.  


Dallas, TX







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