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Fitzgerald High School New Campus

The project involved the construction of a new high school campus designed to accommodate grades 9 through 12. A highlight of this educational facility was its four specialized academies, with particular focus areas including STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and AIM (Advanced Individualized Methodology). 


A significant challenge encountered during the development of this site was its poor soil conditions, characterized by loose soils. An initial recommendation from a geotechnical engineering consultant suggested a blanket approach to site undercutting across the entire area. Complicating matters further, the proposed location for the main entrance crossed a wetlands area, posing additional environmental and engineering challenges. 


To address the concerns regarding soil conditions, our team at TTL conducted extensive testing prior to construction and thoroughly reviewed the initial geotechnical reports. This proactive approach led to a pivotal discovery: we determined that 75% of the site did not require the intensive and costly measure of undercutting. This finding resulted in more than $400,000 in cost savings for the school board during the site grading phase.  As for the challenge posed by the wetlands, our team devised an innovative solution. We evaluated the site and implemented a strategy that involved the use of large riprap and geosynthetic – specifically, geogrid material – fabrics. By layering these materials with fill, we were able to stabilize the area effectively and eliminate the need for extensive undercutting. This approach not only saved the client money but also provided a robust and environmentally sensitive solution. The successful completion of the new high school campus exemplifies our team's expertise in delivering cost-effective and innovative solutions to complex engineering challenges. Our approach not only maintained the structural integrity of the project, it also upheld our commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible development.


Fitzgerald, GA


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