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GDOT Roadway Testing Technician (RTT) On-Call Contract

Our firm is currently fulfilling a multi-year contract with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) that is a continuation of a relationship spanning more than a decade. Under this contract, we have provided approximately 30 field technicians to GDOT in a demonstration of our capacity to supply skilled personnel for large-scale projects. 


As the prime contractor, our responsibilities extend beyond fieldwork to include the supervision of other team members and consultants. This poses a significant challenge because of the geographic scope of our contract, which encompasses nearly a third of the state of Georgia, covering areas from Valdosta to Savannah and Augusta. Managing multiple personnel across this vast region requires efficient coordination and dedicated communication. We also strive to meet the distinct requirements of three different GDOT managers, coordinating testing work at three separate labs while managing ongoing field operations.


To effectively cater to GDOT’s diverse and continuous needs, we have allocated full-time field and lab personnel who are specifically trained to handle GDOT’s testing requirements. A crucial aspect of our role involves sourcing and providing well-qualified, GDOT-certified personnel. These individuals undergo extensive training to achieve specialized certifications in relevant categories, a process that typically requires a lead time of three to four months.

This investment in training and certification underscores our commitment to meeting GDOT's high standards while maintaining a pool of capable and certified personnel. Our sustained effort in this area is a testament to our dedication to a long-term client and our ability to adapt and excel in large-scale, geographically dispersed projects.

Additionally, our team’s expertise in managing people and maintaining strong client relations has been key to sustaining this contract over many years.


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