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Golden Triangle Regional Airport

Over a span of 40 years, TTL has been an integral partner in the development and growth of the Golden Triangle Regional Airport. The scope of this long-term relationship includes more than 40 projects where TTL has served as resident project representative (RPR), handling geotechnical investigations, materials testing, and limited environmental remediation. 


Since its initial involvement with the airport's earthwork in the late 1970s, TTL has faced diverse challenges in supporting the airport's expansion and modernization. These challenges include applying a state-first fire-resistant asphalt for ramp rehabilitation, establishing uninterrupted critical fire response during renovations, addressing poor soil conditions, and maintaining airport operations during ongoing construction. Each project, ranging from roadways and terminal expansions to runway repaving, requires extensive planning and innovative approaches to overcome these unique challenges while accommodating operational necessities. 


TTL has assisted with the strategic approaches to minimize disruption to the airport services. Key solutions have included:
- Adapting project schedules to off-peak hours.

- Utilizing fuel-resistant asphalt for a general aviation ramp rehabilitation and employing traditional compaction techniques for effective application.

- Executing waterline maintenance with uninterrupted water supply to the firehouse, timed during operational lulls.

- Coordinating runway work with flight schedules to keep air services unaffected.

- Managing unforeseen challenges, such as the removal of an abandoned underground storage tank, while maintaining environmental safety and compliance.

- Counteracting poor soil conditions with additional excavation, soil replacement, or stabilization techniques, such as lime stabilization to fortify the terrain.

- Achieving grade alignment for runway extension, creatively using chalk to reach near-level grades before topping with more economical fill materials for significant cost savings.

- Throughout the multi-decade relationship, TTL has demonstrated adaptability and innovative problem-solving to support the continuous evolution of the Golden Triangle Regional Airport while maintaining safety, compliance, and operational efficiency.


Columbus, MS


Golden Triangle Regional Airport Authority


Golden Triangle Regional Airport Authority



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