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GPC GRID Warrenton 230kV Transmission Line

This project involved design for the installation of a 46-mile, 230kV transmission line for Georgia Power, extending between Milledgeville and Warrenton. This extensive infrastructure project was pivotal in enhancing the region's electrical transmission capabilities. 


The construction of the GPC GRID Warrenton 230kV Transmission Line presented significant challenges, primarily due to the hilly terrain that made up almost the entire route. Additionally, a unique challenge was presented by a required boring sample on an island in Lake Sinclair, near Milledgeville. The logistics of transporting drilling equipment to this remote site, especially with safety concerns in mind, presented a complex problem. 


Faced with the high costs of transporting the drill rig to the island site via barge, our TTL team sought a more cost-effective solution. We identified a sandbar that created a feasible path between the mainland and the island. Using an all-terrain rig on rubber tracks, which could navigate through up to 2 feet of water, we were able to transport the drilling equipment safely and efficiently from the sandbar to the island.

This innovative approach not only adhered to safety protocols but also resulted in significant cost savings for the client. The successful execution of this strategy underlines our team's commitment to cost efficiency and creatively solving complex project requirements without compromising on safety.


Georgia Statewide


Black & Veatch


Georgia Power



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