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Hobart Junction Substation

This project entailed replacing an existing electrical substation to enhance energy capacity. Additional environmental consulting services were necessary, including investigations into wetlands, habitats of threatened and endangered species, cultural resource assessments, and the development of a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). 


The replacement of the Hobart Junction Station was complex due to expansive soils at the site, which could potentially impact the sensitive equipment within the substation. Accommodating soil movement while maintaining the integrity of the substation's equipment was a significant concern. 


The team addressed the issue of expansive soils by providing detailed geotechnical parameters and designing a combination of shallow and deep foundations to support the structure. To protect sensitive substation equipment from soil movement, TTL recommended the use of flexible connections, which allow some movement without transferring stress to the equipment. For equipment where flexible connections were not feasible, a deep foundation design was prescribed to mitigate the risks posed by the expansive soils and maintain the stability of the critical infrastructure.  


Hobart, OK







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