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I-65 Additional Lanes and Bridge Replacement

This 3.5-mile project involved adding a northbound and southbound lane in the median of Interstate 65. This expansion also entailed the total replacement of bridges over State Road 158 for both the northbound and southbound lanes.


One of the primary challenges in the I-65 Additional Lanes and Bridge Replacement project was managing the intricate network of on and off ramps connecting to State Road 158. The complexity of these ramps, combined with the need to widen the highway and replace bridges, demanded careful planning and execution.


To address these challenges, the TTL team embarked on a detailed redesign for realignment of the southbound ramps leading from I-65 to State Road 158. This strategic realignment was key to accommodating the necessary widening while maintaining sufficient space for the many on and off ramps. It also allowed the improvements to be integrated seamlessly into the existing infrastructure.

For the replacement bridgework, the solution was to utilize the existing median of the highway for traffic control. This approach significantly reduced the need for extensive redesign, simplifying the construction process while still achieving the project's objectives.
The successful completion of this project enhanced the capacity and efficiency of the interstate while demonstrating our ability to navigate complex infrastructure challenges. Our solution provided minimal disruption to traffic flow during construction and maximized the use of existing highway infrastructure, reflecting our commitment to practical and innovative engineering solutions.


Mobile County, AL


Alabama Department of Transportation


Alabama Department of Transportation



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