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Lake Remediation Pole Replacement Projects

The project involved the replacement of multiple transmission line poles over a body of water and required several in-water borings and drill sites across a span of 12 miles of transmission lines.


Maintaining a reliable electrical grid necessitates robust and resilient infrastructure capable of enduring environmental conditions while safely delivering electricity. The existing transmission line poles over the lake were experiencing accelerated wear, leading to significant risks of structural failure. The urgency of the situation was heightened by the danger posed by these compromised structures, including the potential for structural damage, power outages, or serious injuries.


To address the deteriorating condition of the transmission line poles, TTL provided comprehensive geotechnical analysis and offered recommendations for the replacement process that accounted for challenging underwater conditions. To perform the essential borings and establish new foundational structures, the team employed a pontoon equipped with a drilling rig. This innovative approach enabled the safe and effective installation of new transmission line poles to secure the integrity of the electrical delivery system over the lake.


McLennan, Kaufman, Henderson and Nacogdoches Counties, TX







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