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Large Lumber Manufacturer

TTL has forged a more than 20-year relationship with a major Alabama lumber manufacturer, providing comprehensive environmental testing, due diligence, and on-call support services. This partnership encompasses numerous satellite facilities related to wood product manufacturing and other operations, where TTL delivers annual testing, reporting, and compliance services across a statewide operation.


The primary challenges in this partnership stem from the lumber manufacturer's vast operational footprint and the demand for on-call environmental services. Maintaining the highest quality of environmental services for the client's primary facility –situated in a critical priority 1 watershed – adds another layer of complexity due to stringent permitting requirements and environmental scrutiny.


In response, TTL calls upon its multiple regional offices to deliver swift action on urgent environmental concerns. We consistently perform thorough testing, inspections, and reporting to meet state permitting regulations, and our team can adeptly maneuver through complex permitting processes. This strategic approach has enabled TTL to provide reliable, high-quality environmental services that keep the manufacturer's operations in compliance with rigorous and evolving environmental standards and practices.







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