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LG Chem Battery Cathode Manufacturing Plant

The project involves developing a 240-acre site for the LG Chem Battery Cathode Manufacturing Plant, valued at $3.4 billion, marking the largest foreign investment in Tennessee's history. The presence of LG Electronics in the region has already had a significant economic impact and this project is poised to further stimulate growth. Situated near Fort Campbell, a major workforce draw, the plant is expected to employ over 3,200 people upon completion.


This project, destined to be an economic linchpin for the Clarksville region, is the largest of its kind through foreign investment in the state. Its scope brought several challenges, particularly in stormwater management due to the area's karst features and topography. The need for on-site stormwater discharge only added to the complexity. Design changes impacted the schedule, and the project's scale required extensive coordination with multiple stakeholders. These included the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) because of LG Chem's high-power consumption. Other considerations included managing high water and sewer output and efficient delivery of air and gas for the manufacturing process.


As the engineer of record, TTL’s multi-disciplined approach involved heavy reliance on our civil engineering, construction materials testing, and surveying services groups. Providing multiple services demanded continuous communication and coordination with all involved parties, including the TVA and other entities concerned with the plant's heavy resource needs.

To mitigate any delays caused by design changes, TTL employed project recovery strategies to realign the timeline. For example, to mitigate the stormwater management challenges amidst the karst terrain, we implemented a comprehensive solution that included 3 miles of force main sewer and a lift station.

This project, with its scheduled completion in late 2025, demonstrates TTL's expertise in managing multiple service lines to support large-scale industrial developments while navigating complex environmental and infrastructural challenges. Our ability to adapt to changing demands and maintain seamless coordination with multiple stakeholders is pivotal in the ongoing success of this landmark project, reinforcing its potential as a major economic driver in the region.


Clarksville, TN


Gresham Smith


LG Chem



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