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LG Electronics USA Appliance Manufacturing Facility

This project entailed the mass grading and drainage for a 300-acre site, with a specific focus on a 1 million-square-foot manufacturing plant on a 60-acre tract. This comprehensive development included a dock and extensive parking facilities. Remarkably, the plant facility was constructed within a mere 10 months and contributed more than 500 jobs to the local economy.


One of the most significant challenges was the extremely tight project schedule. The project demanded precision and efficiency at every stage to meet the ambitious timeline set by the client, and meeting this required TTL's meticulous oversight of every detail in the design, permitting, and construction processes.


To adhere to the client's aggressive schedule, our approach involved a strategic and rapid design and construction process. The first phase of the project, including the preparation of the pad, was designed, bid, and built within an astonishing 30 days. This swift execution allowed for the immediate commencement of laying deep foundations.

A phased approach to the project proved instrumental in maintaining momentum. By diligently managing the permitting process, we made sure that construction could begin as quickly as possible without any delays. This methodical and phased strategy was key to the project's success, enabling the manufacturing facility to commence operations in the shortest possible timeframe.

The completion of this project significantly bolstered the region's economic prosperity, not only through the creation of the manufacturing facility but also by adding more than 500 jobs to the local economy. Our ability to manage and expedite large-scale projects under tight schedules demonstrates TTL's commitment to delivering high-quality results that have a lasting positive impact on communities.


Clarksville, TN


Clarksville Montgomery County Industrial Development Board


LG Electronics



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