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Lurleen Wallace Boulevard Improvements

The project was initiated by ALDOT to address heavy traffic congestion in an urban downtown corridor while the City of Tuscaloosa desired to enhance pedestrian safety. The project encompassed the redesign and improvement of 16 intersections and 14 total north and southbound blocks along the bifurcated Lurleen Wallace Boulevard North and South.


With a daily average of 71,000 cars using this thoroughfare, the task of redesigning this busy corridor was formidable. A key constraint was that Lurleen Wallace Boulevard could not fully be closed to traffic at any point during the project. The primary objectives were to manage the high traffic volumes and significantly improve pedestrian safety while concurrently upgrading the roadway infrastructure and City of Tuscaloosa ["Municipal"] utilities, enhancing parking near a downtown amphitheater, fully replacing the existing roadbed and pavement, and beautifying the area.


To maintain continuous traffic flow on Lurleen Boulevard, the TTL team implemented a creative phasing strategy. This approach involved working on the sides of the road and temporarily closing side streets to allow construction to proceed without major disruptions. Traffic lanes were alternately closed or rerouted as necessary to maintain two open lanes of travel in each direction at all times.

The project's beautification aspect included installing decorative traffic signals, enhanced landscaping, new irrigation systems, and decorative lighting. All above-ground utilities (except electric transmission lines) were relocated underground to enhance the area's aesthetics. The project also introduced shared-use paths and sidewalks, significantly improving pedestrian access within this high-traffic area, and additional parking spaces were created to accommodate the needs of visitors to the nearby amphitheater.

By employing these strategies, we successfully met ALDOT’s and the City of Tuscaloosa’s goals of accommodating the area’s traffic volumes while simultaneously addressing the concerns for pedestrian safety. The project optimized the functionality of this vital urban corridor and significantly enhanced its visual appeal, making it safer and more accessible for motorists and pedestrians alike.


Tuscaloosa, AL






Municipal, Transportation

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