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Main Avenue

The project, funded through a Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant, was a landscape and streetscape initiative aimed at enhancing the aesthetic appeal of Main Avenue and its surroundings. 


The beautification of Main Avenue presented several challenges. Funding constraints, the need for coordination with the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT), and adherence to TAP grant requirements added multiple levels of complexity, particularly with the approval of the environmental scope necessitating additional review levels. A significant infrastructure challenge was related to initial assumptions that the entire project roadbed would have to be replaced. Additionally, maintaining compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for accessibility was crucial along the route and adjacent to the historic downtown.


Our approach to meeting these challenges began with resolving the potential roadbed suitability concerns. Upon completion of an exhaustive testing phase and review of available information, it was determined that only select areas of the project would require full-depth replacement of the existing roadbed and pavement. Most of the narrow street would provide for retaining the roadbed. This significantly reduced the potential project cost and allowed for a simplified traffic control plan in the heavily traveled area that negated the need for additional right-of-way. Other concerns about the corridor were addressed with the installation of new lighting and the addition of brick paved on-street parking and landscaping elements. On-street parking was introduced to improve accessibility, and sidewalks were constructed to enhance pedestrian mobility. A key feature of the project was the use of pervious brick pavers for the on-street parking, which facilitated water runoff and effectively addressed the area's drainage challenges.

Overall, the successful completion of this streetscape project demonstrates our team's ability to navigate complex technical issues and regulatory environments while delivering practical and aesthetically pleasing urban improvements. Our commitment to enhancing community spaces through thoughtful design and infrastructure upgrades is evident in the revitalization of Main Avenue.


Northport, AL


City of Northport, AL


City of Northport, AL


Municipal, Transportation

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