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Manufacturing Facility Bridge and Access Road

The project involves the design of a new two-lane, 470-foot bridge and connecting road for a manufacturing facility. The roadway alignment, approximately 1 mile in length, will link the facility directly with a storage yard as a means to reduce the dependency on local roads for truck movement and facilitate smoother transportation of vehicles from the plant to the parking lot.


Several design challenges are inherent with this bridge and access road project. Working within a limited budget, navigating around wetlands to avoid environmental impacts, and coordinating the relocation of multiple utilities all add layers of complexity that must be navigated. Additional constraints stem from the stringent design and permitting requirements set by the state Department of Transportation and the railroad company. And beyond all this, limited access to the project site during all construction phases add an extra layer of logistical complexity.


TTL is conducted a delineation of the wetlands on the site so an effective plan to completely avoid any disturbance to sensitive areas can be designed. To further minimize environmental impact – especially crucial during the construction phase – the proposed plan includes the development of several retaining walls. As for the challenge of limited site access, our design incorporates strategic routes and access points to allow continuity of work throughout the construction phases. This design also meets the specific horizontal and vertical clearance requirements of the state DOT and the railroad to maintain compliance with all regulatory standards.

This project highlights our team's ability to creatively solve complex engineering challenges while adhering to environmental regulations and budget constraints. Our commitment to sustainable development and detailed planning is crucial to successfully connect the manufacturing facility with its storage yard. The end result will enhance operational efficiency and reduce traffic on local roads.









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