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Neuhoff District Mixed-Use Development

The project included a comprehensive 9.39-acre redevelopment into a vibrant mixed-use space, including a 14-story office tower, an 8-story, and a 9-story residential building, and several above and below grade parking structures. This undertaking also included the renovation of historical site elements like Neuhoff Curve and Boiler Room, with the challenge of it being a brownfield redevelopment.


Situated on the west bank of the Cumberland River in Nashville's Germantown neighborhood, the Neuhoff District is a blend of residential and commercial spaces carved out of a site previously used as a food processing facility. The brownfield nature of the site required thorough soil assessments, remediation, vapor intrusion evaluations, and asbestos abatement, all aligned with the requirements of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s Voluntary Oversight and Assistance Program (TDEC VOAP). While assessment by a previous environmental consultant anticipated isolated areas of contamination, construction revealed widespread soil contamination across the site. The project also was challenged by its scale and the need for integration into the surrounding dense residential community, requiring sensitive adaptive reuse of existing structures.


To address the environmental challenges, TTL oversaw implementation of a soil management plan that provided guidelines for managing the widespread contamination. This plan included specific sampling protocols that maintained regulatory compliance while facilitating the continuation of construction activities. The thorough planning and adaptive management strategies allowed for the project to progress without significant delays. Moreover, the team's proactive approach enabled the phasing of multiple concurrent projects within the development and the implementation of measures to mitigate the impact of construction noise and traffic on the neighboring residential areas. Following successful completion of agreed actions, the site was granted a no further action regulatory status by TDEC VOAP.


Nashville, TN


Neuhoff Acquisition, LLC


New City Properties



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