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North Alabama Medical Center

The project included the construction of a new medical campus including a five-story medical facility, the North Alabama Medical Center, on a 25-acre site in The Shoals area of Alabama. This replacement facility is designed to meet the growing healthcare needs of the North Alabama community, featuring 14 operating rooms, 52 critical care beds, 263 patient beds, a surgical center, a new cancer center facility, and a 100,000-square-foot medical office building.


The new medical center was set to replace an outdated, smaller regional hospital that could no longer adequately serve the community. Spanning four cities in The Shoals, the hospital required a complex five-story patient tower alongside a multi-story low-rise building for support and office areas. The development of this facility on a former residential area presented multiple challenges, including extensive demolition, site preparation, addressing karst features, managing drainage issues, and relocating utilities.


The TTL team played a crucial role in transforming a six city block residential area into a state-of-the-art medical center. Our responsibilities included overseeing extensive site grading, removal of old foundations, and careful handling of utility identification and relocation. In addition, we observed the remediation of old fill materials present on the site. One of the project's value-added components was our execution of a site-specific seismic study. This study was instrumental in improving the building site classification, which in turn contributed to reducing design and overall construction costs.

Our involvement in the North Alabama Medical Center project showcases our capability to manage large-scale construction projects and our commitment to enhancing community infrastructure. Through our comprehensive approach to site preparation and focus on value engineering, we played a pivotal role in the successful development of this critical healthcare campus.


Florence, AL


RegionalCare Hospital Partners (at the time) New entity: RCCH HealthCare Partners


RegionalCare Hospital Partners (at the time) New entity: RCCH HealthCare Partners



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