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North Clarksville Water Treatment Plant

The new construction of the North Clarksville Water Treatment Plant and its multiple associated facilities marks a significant expansion in Clarksville’s water treatment capabilities. Modeled after an existing water treatment plant, this new supplementary facility boasts an intake located downstream and incorporates pressurized granular activated carbon (GAC) contactors following the membrane process. For all of this, a comprehensive geotechnical exploration of the 42-acre site is required.


In the wake of five years of industrial growth in the area, Clarksville Gas & Water faces an urgent need to increase its potable water capacity. Engaging TTL for construction quality assurance, this project is monumental as the largest water treatment plant in the city’s history. Significant challenges have been encountered while managing the construction of 11 different structures, including a raw water pump station, pre-oxidation basin, pre-treatment building, flocculation and sedimentation basins, membrane treatment building, and several administrative and maintenance facilities. Furthermore, the water treatment facility requires adherence to specialized codes and standards beyond typical commercial construction norms.


We are effectively navigating the project's extensive testing and inspection requirements by leveraging the depth of experience and expertise within the TTL team. Our understanding of the water treatment plant's unique compliance demands will allow project timelines to be met without compromise, and we are collaborating closely with all contractors to orchestrate sampling and testing procedures efficiently and effectively.

Our proactive and coordinated approach allows each component of the water treatment plant to be constructed to the highest of standards and meet all specialized codes and requirements. The successful completion of the North Clarksville Water Treatment Plant stands as a testament to TTL’s capability to handle large-scale, technically complex infrastructure projects that contribute significantly to a community's resource management and sustainability.


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Clarksville Gas & Water


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