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Old Tuscaloosa Highway Widening

This project involved a 2.9-mile highway widening in which the north and south sections of Old Tuscaloosa Highway tie into a new roundabout (designed by others). The new roundabout will provide access to the Smucker’s facility.


The expansion of Old Tuscaloosa Highway was necessitated by significant growth in the surrounding residential and commercial areas, partly driven by the new Smucker’s distribution facility and other commercial developments. A major aspect of the project was the northern section, which expanded into a five-lane section linking to a major roadway that connects to the interstate. The presence of wetlands surrounding the project site posed significant environmental challenges.


The TTL team tackled the environmental complexities by carefully developing mitigation plans for the wetlands encompassing the project site. Understanding the sensitivity of the wetlands, our approach involved careful planning for the development to comply with environmental regulations. Our efforts included seeking the necessary permits to proceed with the project while minimizing the impact on the wetlands.

Our proactive engagement in environmental compliance and our strategic planning allowed for the successful widening of the highway. This not only facilitated improved access and traffic flow for the growing commercial and residential areas, it also demonstrated our commitment to responsible and sustainable development practices. Through careful mitigation and compliance efforts, we balanced the community's infrastructure needs with environmental stewardship.


Jefferson County, AL


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Jefferson County Roads & Transportation


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