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Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

Over the past three decades, TTL has been engaged in more than 40 projects on multiple Phoebe Putney Health System campuses located in various parts of Georgia, including Albany, Americus, and Camilla.


The diversity of site conditions across this range of locations posed unique challenges for each project we undertook. From karst topography and shallow limestone to shallow groundwater and varying soil types, the complexity of each site often dictated specific foundation requirements for different structures, with some necessitating deep foundations. Additionally, the remote locations of some sites demanded enhanced coordination and resource allocation.


Leveraging decades of experience working with the hospital system, TTL has developed a deep understanding of the client's needs. Our work has encompassed a wide range of projects – new hospital buildings, parking structures, auxiliary facilities, surgery centers, and medical towers – and this insight has enabled us to adapt our design approaches to suit the specific characteristics of each site.

Our team's ability to provide cost-effective and creative recommendations also has been crucial in successfully completing each project. These solutions not only cater to the unique requirements of each site and region, but also align with the hospital system's overall objectives. This long-term relationship highlights TTL’s expertise in handling complex, multi-site projects and our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.


Albany, GA


Phoebe Putney Hospital


Phoebe Putney Hospital



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