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Plant Expansions

The project involved the construction of two buildings, with a combined area of 80,000 square feet, for the treatment and processing of all onsite stormwater before its discharge into an adjacent river. This initiative significantly benefited the local community through environmentally sustainable practices.


The environmental emphasis of the project introduced several challenges. The site is characterized by complex soil conditions and karst topography, and it is near a river with alluvial soils that contributes to an elevated groundwater table and related issues. The presence of heavy equipment, stringent settlement tolerances for the retention tanks, and a gas transmission pipeline traversing the site added more layers of complexity to the project.


Deep foundations were necessary to overcome many of the site challenges. This solution involved driving pipe piles deep into the bedrock to establish a stable base for the new structures and their foundations. Fill material was carefully placed to facilitate the project's use of heavy machinery. And in managing the risk presented by the gas transmission line, TTL identified safe working distances to prevent damage and allow the project to safely progress while protecting existing infrastructure.


Decatur, AL







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